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Bim Bam Bino AG specialises in children’s and family events for more than 20 years.
It is only natural for us not only to offer the ball-pit events to our customers, but also to make these unique experiences accessible to the big, grown-up children as well!
Which parents wouldn’t have loved to jump into a ball-pit with their little ones – or just dive into this soft and colourful sea of balls? Now your time has come. Let’s jump in!

With BallMania.ch we have an innovative event format that is still unknown in Switzerland and which can already be described as a big trend worldwide! We have the largest mobile ball-pit for adults with over half a million coloured balls.

We design, organize and produce your next employee/customer or promotional event and guarantee that you will achieve the best results in terms of attention, image enhancement and recognition.

What you offer your customers / guests / employees – with our product – they have never seen, experienced or felt since their youth and probably never really felt in such a way! With this you will be remembered forever. You win enthusiastic visitors who take pictures and hundreds of selfies sharing them on Instagram and twitter loaded with positive comments. They act as multipliers and carry your brand message even further!

We combine physical event marketing with digital distribution possibilities, the basis of augmented reality. With this concept we are unique and one of a kind!

Is there any more honest advertising than that of your guests and customers? No! And this is exactly what you achieve with BallMania.ch!

There is only one of us like this – and that is us! Do something good for your customers / guests / employees and be the centre of attention yourself! We support you in doing so!

Evelin Stefano

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